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What I want is for every square inch of my ceiling to glow a uniform brightness of pure white.
Oh, and a dimmer switch.
To a reasonable facsimile of that end, I bought several reels of LED lighting strips. (back when I could afford to) I put a Warm White strip up a few months ago to see what it looked like and how bright it was.
Apparently "Warm White" means white with a creepy green tint. SO, well if I'm going to put better lighting over my desk, I'll try Bright White this time, and put at least 4 strips up.

I finally finished that tonight.
They are not bright, they are not white, and they are not straight.
Instead of eliminating shadows on my desk, there are now multiple crisscrossing shadows of different colors.
Meh. Purple Meh.
Maybe I can get a tan.
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