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Mouse Rescue

Just before I left for work this morning, I noticed PsychoMouse had wedged himself between the water bottle and a corner of the cage. He has done this before, and I usually go bother him until he climbs down. I tried all the usual tricks, tapping the glass, moving the water bottle away from the corner, even blowing on his face and still he didn't move. In fact, he was breathing very hard, shivering, and the whole left side of his face was wet and matted.
"You're totally stuck, aren't you? How long have you been there?"
I don't know of it was his teeth or a whisker or what that got stuck under the spring that holds the water bottle up. I carefully pulled up the spring while he helplessly buzzed his foot at me, and suddenly he fell. Much grooming commenced. I ended up 30 minutes late for work.

He looks a lot better this evening.
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