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Saturday Morning Matinee (Sunday edition)

I was in on the high level design meetings, sort of between the engineers and management, translating between the two. Once we had a design the engineers would disappear then return with plans. I had to take the plans, order parts & tools, and tell management who to hire, and set up labs & warehouses.

Certain details stand out:
We acquired a very old computer center, and had to convert it into something useful. What do we have, what do we need, where do we put it, what is that mechanawockle contraption anyway? Who owns it? Is it dangerous? Can we get rid of it? Should we keep it as an art piece?

A complex diving hard suit, with more lights & buttons than the space shuttle.
I and a co-worker were wearing version one suits while we acted as safety escort for the model three test pilot-diver. I was trying to memorize all of our observations because I had no way of taking notes. One of my observations was that the version four suit would have a way of taking notes.

And then the company died. Don’t know if the reason was legal or financial or just because I was about to wake up. There was no ‘Under New Management”. It just dissolved.
All the wonderful we had been creating for the last couple years just vanished.
Some co-workers were discussing their future job plans. Others were crying.

I had been doing so many wildly different things that I couldn’t figure out how to put it on my resume.
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