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The Muse of Kitchen Alchemy

I had thawed chicken for tonight's dinner, but I forgot to buy the Shake & Bake I usually use. Didn't have the energy or ambition to fry or broil.
What was the solution?

*Whistles* Hey! Creativity, come here. *Opens the spice cabinet*
Can we get a six inch by 5 foot picture frame? We could put it in the dryer vent for a week and hang up a lint picture!
Ehm? Pay attention. Baked chicken. Spices. Go to town."
Ooh, Well, theres chili, curry like dad made, pizzschetti, Ooh! do we have pizza sauce? I want chicken with pizza sauce and melted cheese!
No we have no tomato sauce.
Liar. Theres the potato penny thing, the rosemary that ate Thanksgiving, 31 colors of pepper, Ooh! Red Pepper Ice Cream!
Thats beyond disgusting.
Foo. Why isn't there a blue pepper?
Just lucky I guess.
Lets see, barbecue, spice cake, Food coloring! Ooh! Can we color the chicken blue?
Gleah. No way. Which spice would taste best?
I want them all. Lets find out.
We can't make them all!
Why not? You have six chicken pieces there.
Um, well, sure. One of everything coming up!
Yay! You think maybe if the Christmas tree smelled like oregano, that would be cool?
Thats enough, Shoo!

The results?
Curry powder - Almost flavorless. Not enough salt, and the spice can I found may be almost as old as I am.
Rosemary & Pepper - Interesting flavor, but needs to be weaker and mixed with something sweeter.
Chili powder - I was afraid to put too much on. Didn't put enough. Also needs something sweet.
Basil & Oregano - Quite good. Somehow manages to not taste like pizza or pesto.
Thyme & Red Pepper Flakes - Very good, except for the occasional lava flake that tries to burn a hole in my throat.
Cajun Seafood Fry Mix - I tried this stuff on a lark, cause I ran out of spices I was willing to try. Surprisingly, I think this is the best flavor I found tonight, but I so over salted it, its impossible to tell.
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