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The great storm

First, there was tornado speed winds. Then came bright blue BZORTCH!es from next door. Then there were tree limbs raining down on the roof. I was turning off the AC when the power started going off and on, then off, then dim, then flash-blink-flash. About that time I started to smell electrical scented smoke. I ran downstairs and threw the main breaker.

All that was four hours ago. The neighborhood is still totally dark, the streets are full of tree debris, and my iPad is proving its worth.

Dinner was NutraGrain bars, Triscuits, and black-eyed peas straight from the can.

They are forecasting 100+ temperatures tomorrow. Again. If the power is still out by mid-morning, I'm going to pack some food, and every chargable appliance, and spend the day at work where they have generators and backup air conditioners.
Tags: house, power outage, weather
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