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More Resume Angst

I think my resume is complete, except for one bit: The first line.
"Professional IT generalist with over thirteen years experience performing a wide variety of IT tasks"
Is the perfect line for the job I have now.  There are so few of us handling so many systems that we all have to be everything: database programmers, printer repairmen, network engineers, technical writers, systems analysts, systems administrators, and systems babysitters.

And this line is totally inappropriate for the job I'm looking for.
The boss says he is looking for someone who can look at what we're doing and know if we're doing it right, or find out how we can do it better. Someone who can envision the future, devise a practical path to get there, and implement it.
As a jack-of-all-IT-trades I've done enough of this sort of thing that I believe I can do this as a primary duty.

But how do I say it?
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