HantaMouse (hantamouse) wrote,

Bad Web Programming

Tried out a new application today. One we're paying at least six digits for, maybe seven. It showed me this travesty:

Improper browser navigation detected. To prevent application errors, avoid the following actions:
· Do not use the browser navigation buttons (i.e., the 'Forward,' 'Back,' or 'Refresh' buttons).
· Do not open more than one browser window or tab using the same login.

What? No. Fail.
If the user can’t use browser navigation buttons, YOU PROGRAMMED IT WRONG, go back and fix it.
If the user can’t use tabs or multiple windows, YOU PROGRAMMED IT WRONG, go back and fix it.
If your app requires a specific web browser else it doesn’t work, YOU MISSED THE WHOLE POINT of making a browser based app in the first place.

Am I out of line here?
Tags: computer, work
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