HantaMouse (hantamouse) wrote,

File File Drawers in the File Drawers File

When we moved into our new digs at the Suburbanopolis County Courthouse, the designers had put long drawer file cabinets on every blank wall. The file room uses them. The IT staff does not. They are mostly empty and even the used ones are rarely labeled.
I fixed that. Friday evening, after everyone else had gone home, I stayed late and labeled everything.
My way.

So right across from my cube there is:
Dragons & Drakes - Utility Weasels - Wet Mice - Dry Mice - Well Fed Cats

Beside that is where we keep:
Uranium - Adamantium - Unobtanium - Naquada - Mithiril

And all the way in the back:
London Dispersion Forces - Dark Matter - Dilithium Crystals - Flux Capacitors - Ectoplasmic Residue

Back in the dark corner where no one goes:
Zero Point Energy - Alcubierre Drives - Lorentzian Manifolds - Krasnikov Tubes - Interdimensional Crossrips

by the boss’ cube:
Use Case Files - Suitcase Files - Switch Case Files - Pillowcase Files - Just In Case Files
Folds Spindles Mutilations - Origami Folders - Wolf in the Folders
Volts Amps & Ohms - Watts Farads & Coulombs - Teslas Webers & Henries - Resistance & Impedance - Admittance & Conductance

The supervisor got:
Widgets & Gadgets - Framistans - Thingamies

While the help desk needed a supply of:
Reboots - Startup Chimes

Since the project manager’s door was locked, I gave my neighbor:
Offensive Language - Defensive Language - Poetic Language - Diplomatic Language - Forbidden Adverbs

And under all the security monitors:
Emergency Rations - Emergency Irrations - Granola Ore - Granola Mining Tools - Metric Hammers

Other random places got:
Unripe Paint - Plastic Bananas - West Dakota

I can’t wait for Monday.
Tags: geek, muse, non-euclidean, work
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