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hantamouse's Journal

16 December
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My interests do not intersect with my aptitudes, therefore competence is an art that I pursue, rather than a goal I expect to achieve.
Anything that requires practice to be good at, I will never be good at. I have no tolerance for putting time and effort into something, all for a low quality result. Thus I will never draw well, or play a musical instrument well. Both I have pursued in the past. Both I have given up on.

Its harder to tell if one is a poor writer, so I still write sometimes. Its very painful, so I've been writing less and less often.

I have two separate muses. They compete. Neither are particularly happy with me. They make me aware of cool things that do not exist to be purchased. In order to have them, I must make them. I am no good at making things. I do not let this stop me. I have wasted many dollars attempting and failing to build my dreams. I do not regret any of it.